DIY Shelf from Old Doors

Doors are a fun re-purposing material because there really are just so many uses for them. In fact, when I got married this past year, we actually used an old door from Habitat Restore to bring a little life to our wedding. My husband and I were married outside and our reception was at the same location as our ceremony. We wanted to some how create two different atmospheres within the same location, and we used a door, framed and posted outside, to do just that.

It was something similar to this- I'll try to get ya'll the actual picture by the end of our door week!

We actually used a french door (just one) and after the ceremony turned the door into a headboard and used the glass panels as picture frames! More on that later!

Anywho- so I have a history with door re-purposing. And today, I'd like to talk to you about how you can use your old doors to create shelving for your home or garden! Check it out:

Adorable, right? I found this on Etsy for sale listed for $200! Holy cow! I couldn't help but think about how relatively easy it would be to create this yourself with a good saw and some rope chain. Let me show you a side photo. 

All that was required to make this awesome shelf was a few simple steps. They removed the panels, elbow hinged them to the door, and add rope chain for increased support. And the final product? Fabulous!

How about this:

This might honestly be the easiest of all projects. All that was honestly done here (or would have to be done) is to gather up an old door you love and a children's bookshelf. Paint them as you wish and then attach the two with a nail gun. What your left with is an awesome decorative shelf that could be used to organize shoes and purses at an entry way or as a night stand. Honestly the possibilities are numerous with a piece like this.

And if it were me, I'd be turning those glass frame into a picture collage! 

Finally this one: 

Okay- granted this isn't super easy. You'd have to find the right table and install a sink (possibly running water- but you could still just use the hose if your using this outside. The bookshelves on the door work for added storage. What a lovely, and unexpectedly cute addition to any garden. 

And I might just be overly creative here- but I'm thinking you could find a way to create a bathroom vanity out of something similar to this. 

Can't wait to spread some more creative thoughts tomorrow! Give Woodmaster Woodworks, Inc. your feed back! We can't wait to here from you and help you with any interior trim or built-in projects you may be considering!