DIY Mantel Headboard

Woodmaster Woodworks, Inc. is excited to start a new theme for this week- especially with a theme that has such a fun and rustic feel. This week we will be focusing on mantels. Woodmaster Woodworks specializes in helping homeowners overhaul the look of their living rooms and redesign them in ways that fit the look, style, and functions that they are going for.

In fact- a lot of our built-in and trim work in living rooms revolves around fireplace decor- adding built-ins, helping revamp entertainment centers above fireplaces, and replacing living room mantels. That's where this weeks theme comes in- living rooms mantels! Sometimes (particularly in older homes) mantels have seen better days, and you really just need to replace the mantel in your living room. Or perhaps the mantel in your space just doesn't fit the theme of the room that your going for? Well- once we've removed it and put something lovely, new, and custom in its place- what can you do with the old mantel to add a little character to your home?

My favorite idea (and the one that we'll start with this week): Make a headboard.

Mantels can make absolutely gorgeous headboards, and depending on the size of your mantel- they tend to fit most full and twin sized beds. Alterations can be done to expand the width of a mantel if you are trying to use it with a queen bed (and sometimes the expansions aren't even necessary- especially in mantels from older homes). King beds are a bit of a stretch for a mantel headboard.

The interior (or hole) where the fireplace would have been cane be willed with a an upholstered stuffing using material as simple as plywood to provide stability. This is truly a very easy DIY project- and it can look fabulous on completion.

Obviously the top of the mantel can be used as shelving, as well- and as you can see in the above picture- the width of the bed and the width of the mantel do not ALWAYS have to match. In fact, there's something a little cute about it being a bit off kilter.

Lastly- if all you have is a mantel- and not the actual fireplace surround- you can still use this above your bed for a truly unique and fabulous look! And for an added rustic flair- which the exposed beams in the above room clearly call for!- them don't paint over your paint chipping mantel. In fact- distress it a bit, and enjoy the earthiness of its feel and the history of your home.