DIY Chalkboard Cabinet Door

Very few people from the baby boomer generation and younger use furniture until it wears out. Our age is full of recyclers, repurposers, craigslisters, and more. We like new scenery and switching things up. Long gone is the idea that homes never change. Houses evolve just like we do. 

Some of the number one home projects that constantly get updated are kitchens and bathrooms- probably because the evolvers that we are know that if we ever decide to "change the scenery" with a new house, bathrooms and kitchens will sell it quicker than any other home feature. 

And so, while you're changing out that outdated kitchen cabinetry and updating your scenery, we figured you should be aware of some great repurposing ideas that are sure to have your friends thinking you went to Pottery Barn, not Home Depot. We'll be updating the blog with our ideas all week. 

So for today's project: 

Try turning your outdated cabinet door into a chalk board perfect for grocery lists or chore lists for the kiddos. 

What a ridiculously easy do it yourself project! We're talking beginner level here and the product is total perfection. Some of you might be wondering- how on earth do I insert a calk board into the inlay of my cabinetry. Simple- you don't! 

I'm telling you, Home Depot and Lowes are like Wonderland these days, and one of the Willy Wonka-like wonders you'll stumble upon in the paint shop is the crux of this project- chalkboard paint. 

Crazy right?!? These days you could turn an entire wall of your home into a chalkboard! But you probably wouldn't want to. (Unless of course your two year old and her markers can't be kept away from the wall.) However, what you could do is turn a cabinet door into the perfect utility chalkboard! Chalkboard paint comes in all kinds of colors- blue, pink, red, yellow, traditional black- the possibilities are as endless as the rainbow. 

And seriously ya'll- that's pretty much it! Gather up your old cabinets doors- paint them any color you want, and let it dry completely. Then pick out a chalkboard paint color and paint it over top the inlay of your cabinetry. You'll probably wan't to do two coats, allowing the paint to dry completely between coats and sanding to create a smooth chalk board finish. 

Feel free to embellish the sides of the cabinet door with stencils, monograms, or wires and clothes pins to hang photos and notes, or hooks for keys. And that's pretty much it! 

Easy as pie, fancy as Pottery Barn.