Cabinet Door Smorgasbord

Well ya'll- it's the last day of our cabinet door re-purposing week, and honestly, I really couldn't figure out what to do today's blog on. I could probably spend three weeks talking about cabinet door possibilities because the options really are just that endless!

And so, I don't have just one unique project idea for you all today- I have five! I just couldn't narrow it down without feeling like our readers were missing out on some really cool options. 

So we will just spend today doing a brief overview of each project here and hopefully get your creative juices flowing. 

1. For starters, check out these cabinet door clip boards:

Calendar and Mail Holder

I love the antiqued feel of this project, and the beautiful detail on the cabinet door itself. There's no doubt, this door was gorgeous before the re-purposing project. So if you have a really unique cabinet door, you're totally set to have an awesome final product. 

Mason Jar for Pens

Cabinet doors are perfect for displaying your calendars and notes, and the above door tactfully added a pen jar and clothespins for mounting the calendar- simple, cute, and cheap as dirt. Maybe even cheaper! :)

Child Artwork Display
File Folders for Label

Fridge ain't cutting it for the kids artwork display? Mount your child's artwork on re-purposed cabinet doors. All you need are some clips from the hardware section of your local Lowes, Home Depot, or Ace hardware. For an added touch, you can use a file cabinet label to remember the age of your child when they did the artwork or the date exactly! Adorable! 

2. How many ladies out there can't keep their jewelry strait to save their lives? It's always tangled and the task of unknotting all those little chains is just too daunting. If you're anything like me, you've handed it over to your hubby a time or two just to have that precious 18k white gold chain broken for good. 

You need a jewelry organizer, and your old cabinet doors can do the trick. Check these out:

Love the Ribbon Detail
Chicken Wire For Earrings

Hooks and chicken wire make this piece easy storage for earrings. And the hinges add a bit of a funky, rustic feel. 

3. Can't find a perfect place to display that photo that you love so much? Not really ready to fork over the money to turn it into a canvas piece at your local photo shop but really want to showcase it well? Turn your cabinet door into a picture frame:

Sepia Tones

Wall Paper and Mini Frames

Mini frames, distressed wood, wall paper, black and white photos, sepia tones, I could go on and on about the things I love about these final products. Just gorgeous, right? Easy, elegant, and probably cheaper than any frame you can find at your local target- not to mention way cuter. 

4. Okay- this is really totally random but I thought it was just way too cool to not throw it in there. Pretty chess boards are expensive folks. I know- my mom has a marble one! I don't even want to know that price tag. Well did you know that you can order really cheap wooden chess pieces from places like Michael's or AC Moore? And if you did, and you had an old cabinet door and some paint lying around- you could have this: 

Too Cute, Right? 

4. We all love a nice motivational or feel good saying. In fact, some of us love them so much that we paint them right on our walls. 

Wall Art Saying

And, while that's gorgeous- don't get me wrong, I just don't know if I would be brave enough to print something like that ON my walls. I really do understand that some phrases are worth seeing every day, but while sometimes we need a constant reminder that love conquers all or that we should kiss our spouse goodnight, I'm convinced we don't all necessary want it printed on our walls. Well here's our alternative: 

Distressed Cabinet Sign

Unpainted Cabinet Sign
Stenciled Cabinet Sign

Alright guys- well that's all we've got for now! We might have to revisit this subject sometime in the future because it's honestly just too fun. But stayed tuned for blog updates next week and visit us then because we're sure to be posting some awesome new re purposing ideas! And let us know if you've been inspired. We'd love to hear about your own projects! 

In the meantime, visit us on facebook or our website at to get an idea of the home projects we do every day. And hey- if you're considering a new kitchen or bathroom, just think of all the options you'll have once we hand over your old cabinet doors and replace them with something new, custom, and fabulous!