Cabinet Door Serving Tray

As promised- we have lots of more cabinetry re-purposing ideas for you, and today's idea is a personal favorite of mine! It is such a shabby chic idea! Everyone appreciates a different home theme, and mine is definitely shabby chic. In fact, a lot of re-purposing ideas seem to mesh seamlessly into the shabby chic home. Shabby chicers are the beach house lovers, the french cottage fanatics, and the bed and breakfast goers. 

Speaking of bed and breakfast- that brings us to our next cabinetry re-purposing prospect! A serving tray made out of a re-purposed cabinet door. Snapguide offers a wonderful tutorial on this, so we won't go into all the specifics here- just a brief overview. You can check out Snapqguide's tutorial here

How cute, right? This is the kind of detail sure to make your guests smile- whether you use it for drinks on the patio, appetizers before dinner, or bed in breakfast- no one will be unimpressed by your handy salvage techniques. 

Basically, you're going to want to pick out a decent sized cabinet door that has a recessed panel (this is crucial). Snapguide suggests 16x22 inches, noting that it is in fact a popular door size, but you could essentially do this with any sized recessed panel cabinet door. You'll need to head to Lowes and find some cabinet door pulls that speak to you. Or, of course, you could just get creative with your handle choice like this lovely piece-

And then you'll want to measure the holes for your cabinet door and mark them. And hey- there's nothing wrong with measuring a few times, just to make sure you've got it all in order. But of course if you're going for shabby chic feel and it comes out a little lopsided, just tell yourself it's distressed. :)

You'll want to be aware that if your re-purposed cabinet door previously had a pull or a knob on the door itself, you're going to need to plug the holes with some wood filler. You can easily find this at your local hardware store, and simply follow the directions. 

You'll want to wet your cabinet door to raise the grain and allow it to dry. Then you'll proceed with priming and painting the door (distressing with a sanding block to add a touch of character if you're anything like me.)

Then  you'll definitely want to add any sort of design that you're going for. Stencils and stamps can work wonderfully on this sort of project, or if you're really brave, free hand it. Either way, add you're own special touch and spray it down with a clear coat for protection. 

 And finally you'll want to screw down your handles into the marked holes and add felt pads to the bottom of the serving tray to prevent it from scratching other surfaces. 

And remember that while I heir on the side of shabby chic- this cabinet door project doesn't have to be that. Modern cabinet door serving trays are just as viable, and can be so unique, cute, and funky. 

Have fun, and let us know what you think of this project or if you've ever successfully done it before! We always appreciate your feedback!