Cabinet Coat Hangers

Well it's day three of our cabinet door re-purpose week. So far we've talked about making chalk boards and serving trays out of your cast off cabinet doors. Today's idea is interesting fun because its a sort of combination of some of the ideas we've already discussed.

You know how you can't ever find your keys? Or your seven year old always drops their coat in your living room floor instead of hanging it up? We'll this cabinet door re-purpose project might fix your clutter woes. 


Talk about cute! The above project was compiled by mounting five cabinet doors on a piece of wood side by side. Of course each of the cabinets were individually painted- obviously all different colors to add unique contrast. But of course the opportunities here are somewhat totally endless. 

Here is an example of a distressed cabinet door. To create this sort of look you would first prime the cabinet door white and then paint it green (sanding between paintings). After the green paint dried, you would use a sanding block to peel away the green paint on the edges, revealing the white primer underneath. Antique door knobs certainly add to the beauty of this piece- giving it an aged but classic feel. 

And remember that the right hooks can make all the difference in style! You could use anything from actual hooks, to cabinet door knobs, to curtain pull backs (pictured above)! So unusual, but it completely works, and it does so flawlessly. Would you ever realize those were curtain pull backs? 

And of course, it's always fun to coordinate with other pieces. The above cabinet door adds a touch of personality with the matching bench and incorporates many of the design styles we've already touched on this week- stenciling and free handing the cabinet design. If you wanted to use a cabinet door and stain it rather than paint it, it's definitely a viable option! 

And remember to add your own personality! If you love bright and funky, choose hangers in a boisterous color that show off your style with a flare- or deck out your cabinet coat hanger with some personal artwork. Whatever your personality- bringing it into your home and onto your cabinet door. This is your project, your creation. 

Just like our post earlier this week, there is no reason you can't combine project ideas! The coat hangers above also incorporates a chalk board, and you can review our earlier post to find directions regarding our how to effectively use chalk board paint on cabinet doors.

Or go all out in your creativity! Mix up your door hangers for an antique look or embellish your cabinet door with a sheet of wallpaper that you just absolutely love. 

For an especially rustic look, leave the hinges on your cabinet door. 

But no matter what, have fun, make it your style, and tell us what you think when you've hung it, and your coat, up on the wall.