Cabinet Accessories Galore

This week we wanted to give our readers a taste of some of the exciting trends in our industry. These days, kitchen cabinets can be a serious blast to design because they have come out with so many different cabinet components. 

Cabinets aren't basic anymore- they are designed with style in mind and efficiency to boot. All week we are going to give our readers little snippets of some of the cabinet accessories that rock our socks- and today we're going to focus on spice racks!

Talk about well hidden, huh? That's the beauty of custom spice racks for your cabinetry. They can pack a lot into a little space and blend seamlessly into the rest of your cabinetry. No one would know unless they opened the cabinet! This one is done on a upper cabinet, but they can be done on lower cabinets as well for easier access. 

Talk about convenient, beautiful, and resourceful! 

Check back with us tomorrow as we continue to use this week to highlight some of our favorite cabinetry accessories! So many options for today's kitchen.