Cabinet Hardware Galore

Picking out the perfect cabinets is hard enough- and your job isn't through when you succeed at that! With so many different styles of cabinetry hardware, it's a miracle that anyone ever successfully manages to create a completed kitchen or bathroom. It can be a daunting task to say the least. When it comes to cabinetry hardware, there are simply so many considerations! You'll first have to pick a style, and then a finish. You'll have to consider your placement of the handles on the the cabinet drawers and doors. You'll have to decide if there is any particular desired pattern to your placement. It's almost an art-form. But picking out the hardware isn't a step that anyone should downplay. It's a unique opportunity to add some of your own personal flair into the cabinetry process and to add that finishing touch that brings everything together in perfect harmony!

Narrowing It Down: 

The most basic decision to start off your narrowing down process is to decide whether you prefer pulls, knobs, or some sort of combination of both. Obviously, this is something that is based on individual taste, and there are certainly legitimate reasons for picking either hardware. If you can narrow down your desire to have either pulls or knobs (or some of both) you are on your way to determining a hardware layout for your cabinetry. And at that point you are in the position to begin looking at different styles. 

Helpful Considerations:

Lots of homeowners find it helpful to consider the decor of the remainder of the home when they start thinking about weather or not they want knobs or pulls. For example, if all of the doors on your home have knobs, then you might find yourself preferring to carry over that theme in your cabinetry. However, if your home is full of pull handles on your doors, you might gravitate toward pulls for your cabinetry. If this doesn't help you decide, or if you find yourself desiring the aesthetic appeal of both knobs and pulls and would like a mix, many homeowners elect to install knobs on drawers and pulls on cabinet doors (or vice versa) in order to incorporate a more complex style. 

Bold vs. Understated: 

If you are desiring something especially bold in your cabinetry hardware, it's important to note that there is probably a greater amount of diversity in cabinetry knobs than there is in cabinetry pulls. While you might think of knobs as pretty basic round metal or wood cabinetry components, that simply isn't the only option in today's hardware market. Cabinet knobs come in countless shapes and sizes today, and they are sold in countless color pallets as well. Of course, if you enjoy understated elegance, you can opt for a simple metal finish on your cabinetry hardware, but for the more daring- antiqued cabinet knobs or star shaped cabinet hardware are bold options. And those bold options are innumerable!  

On the other hand, cabinet pulls tend to be a little more basic in their styles. That's not to say that there aren't some bold options for the cabinet pull lover with a distinct style, there just might be less options. Cabinet pulls can be found in rounded, flattened, squared, or squiggled styles. Differing handle designs are available and they can be purchased in nearly any metal finish imaginable. Homeowners that like sophistication and graceful flow are often prone to choose cabinet pulls over knobs, as they tend to be attracted to their elongated flow. Other factors involved in the choice of cabinet pulls over cabinet knobs may include personal mobility or durability. Many elderly homeowners find themselves preferring pulls over knobs simply for comfort. It can be more difficult for the hand to open cabinet knobs, as it requires a bit more dexterity. Furthermore, cabinet pulls are attached to the cabinet in two places rather than just one, which adds a bit of durability to the hardware. 

Loving the Outcome: 

The hardware that you choose to incorporate into your home will last you for decades if properly maintained and handled. For that reason, choosing your personal decorative hardware is a significant decision that will help you appreciate the unique ambiance of your room for years after your cabinetry has been installed. Consider the abundance of choices as a rare opportunity to put a personal stamp on your room, and think seriously about what theme or design you are hoping to accomplish in your space. Most importantly- have fun making up your mind! 

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